Watermelon Fresca

I’m hanging on to the last bits of summer tightly. I feel the crispness of fall in the air when I wake up but the days are still warm and summer like. I’ve been buying up as much summer produce that I can at the farmer’s markets while I can. Watermelon is one of the things I’ve been doubling down on but sometimes my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I end up with more than I can eat. A couple of weeks ago needed to use up a big bowl of chilled, cubed watermelon that was sitting in my refrigerator. I had hit my watermelon eating threshold so I decided to throw it in a blender with the juice of a lime for a refreshing lil’ drink.

When I buy a watermelon, I cut it up and put in a big bowl in my refrigerator when I get home from the market. It makes it easy for me to snack on when I get hangry and am desperate for something to eat. For this drink I feel like chilled watermelon is the key. If you didn’t have cold watermelon, you can add a few ice cubes to the blender when you add the watermelon.

Throw your cubed watermelon in a blender, blend until smooth and add the juice of one to two limes and you’re done. Super easy and refreshing! You can also add a splash of sparkling water or vodka at the very end of blending if you want it to have an extra little kick.


Watermelon Auga Fresca

4 Servings


  • 6 cups chopped, chilled watermelon
  • juice of 1-1/2 limes (plus wedges for garnish)


  • Add cold watermelon and lime juice to a blender then blend until smooth. Serve with fresh lime wedges for garnish.

Midtown’s Cantina Alley

One of the best parts of being self employed is that you can call it a day at 3:15pm and head to a local watering hole for a very premature happy hour when it’s been “one of those days”. That’s exactly what I did earlier this week. Midtown’s Cantina Alley opened a few months ago and in usual form, I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon. It’s located in a fun little space down an alleyway, as the name suggests, between 23rd and 24th Streets and J and K Streets.

The food and drinks are delicious, affordable and refreshing but the best part of the experience is that you feel transported into a different country. It not only looks like Mexico but feels like Mexico. It has such an authentic feel to it from the rich wall colors, wrought iron work, rustic wood work. All the details have been thought of and executed all the way down to the broken bottles used along the roof line to deter pigeons from landing there. 

They also had a great happy hour menu with $5 margaritas and you can order street tacos individually so you can order as many as you want and try all the different varieties that they offer.

NOTE: I’ve heard that later in the night it can be hard to get a table and there can be a long wait. I went at 3:15 right when they opened and was seated quickly, stayed for a couple of hours without a problem but it was definitely filling up as I was leaving at 5ish.

Watermelon Slushes

Summertime Watermelon SlushesIt’s been a million degrees around here, not really but it’s been over 100 degrees for the past three days which is way too hot for me.  It’s always a challenge for me to stay hydrated during the heat waves that make up Sacramento summers but this year I’ve found a new way for me to stay cool and stay hydrated.  Enter in watermelon slushies.

If I buy a watermelon during the summer months, I like to cut it up right when I get home.  For some strange reason if I don’t do it right when I get home, I tend to forget about it until it gets bad and I end up wasting a lot of watermelon.  Once I cut the watermelon up into cubes, I freeze it on a parchment lined cookie sheet until frozen solid and then store in gallon ziplock bags until I’m ready to use (this is also how I freeze and store all my fruits for morning smoothies).  I put 3 cups of watermelon, 2 cups of filtered water and one packet of Stevia (you can also substitute a tablespoon of simple syrup for the Stevia) into my VitaMix and blend on low and then medium until very well blended and slushy-like.

That’s it.  Super simple and I’m sure this will be my go to drink this summer.

ps.  How do you cut a watermelon?  I cut mine like this.  I’ve never thought much about it until someone watched me cut it up a couple of years back and commented on it.  I find it to be the easiest way to cube the watermelon and remove the rind.

Watermelon Slushes