Fun, Easy (and Last Minute) Cinco de Mayo Party Tips

Cinco de Mayo always seems to sneak up on me. I usually end up wanting to celebrate but don’t want to put a lot of planning into it because it’s coming off the heals of Easter and spring feels like it’s here in full force with ALL the activities. Over the years I’ve discovered a few last minute tips and tricks to throw together a festive Cinco de Mayo celebration with minimal effort and all the fun.

Look around your house for decor that you most likely already have. Raid you kids musical toys and pull out thinks like maracas for photo props and also to add to the spirit of the party. I grab a basket that I usually use for magazines to corral them.

Create a fast and easy photo booth by draping fabric or outdoor blankets that you might have around the house as your backdrop. I used a colorful fabric from Ikea (above) to create this Photo Booth for less than $30 (fabric was from Ikea a few years ago).

Also, pull out those birthday dinner hats from Chevy’s – we all have one or two!

These signs were made with scrap wood and leftover white paint. If you aren’t feeling up to being crafty, you can totally skip doing something like this.

An easy way to add ambiance and get everyone in the Cinco de Mayo spirit quickly is to chill your favorite Mexican beer and Coca-Cola in outdoor tubs filled with ice. I also attach at bottle opener with twine to the handle of the bucket so there’s always an opener handy.

Brush off a few Ikea lanterns that you have hanging around.

Order take out from your favorite Mexican restaurant, let them do all the work. Or if you insist on doin the cooking yourself keep it super simple. Stick to simple recipes like marinated shrimp that you can grill up super fast on the BBQ.

Carnations will be your best friend for a party like this. You can buy them at your local grocery store, they’re inexpensive, give an instant, bright pop of color and will last for weeks after your party – just change out the water every few days to keep them looking their best. I used festive salsa and enchilada cans that I emptied out (and used for food prep) as vases here.

I’m all for regular plates and silverware and am conscious of my impact on the earth in my daily life but give yourself permission to keep life simple and use disposable plates and cutlery. I’ve seen some great biodegradable options out there, too.

Pick up an extra piñata when you’re at your local Mexican grocery store to use as decor.

Lots and lots of cold fruit sodas equals happy teenagers.

Before a party, I always cut up a lots and lots of limes because they can be used in cocktails, sodas, water, squeezed over shrimp and guacamole. They also are on sale at my market this time a year for 10 for $1, so I can stock up before a party.

Above all else, keep things easy, simple and FUN.

Remember your friends care more about seeing you than a perfect party.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!