The Ultimate (and Affordable) Sheets

Ultimate Affordable Sheets

Once, I heard that Oprah had her sheets changed once every three days and since then I’ve been doing the same. It’s become a little weird quirk of mine. Initially, I thought that changing my sheets that often might take a lot of extra time but now I have it down to a science and it takes me about 3 minutes, 3 times a week. So what are my ultimate and affordable sheets that help me to keep this routine?

For me, the key has been to purchase multiple sets of sheets so I don’t have to wait on one set to go through the wash. To keep things simple, I use white sheets. I love that they feel so clean, fresh and visually clutter free. I know, I know….visually clutter free? As a creative and designer I am super sensitive to visual clutter and try to limit unnecessary patterns, enter in the second weird quirk that you’ve now discovered about me in this post!

Ultimate Affordable Sheets

I have three sets of sheets that I rotate between and I have a favorite brand or I guess in this case an off brand. I love these sheets from Nordstrom Rack. They are affordable, around $50 for a queen set, they wash amazing well and are like a great pair of jeans that get softer and softer the more you wash them. I use each set until they literally fall apart and I’m such a fan of these sheets that I give them as gifts whenever I can.

So the next time you’re at The Rack, treat yo’ self to my ultimate and affordable sheets.

Ultimate Affordable Sheets


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