Giving Your Basic Jeans an Update

Last week when the Boden catalog arrived, I looked through it for a couple of options to update my fall wardrobe.  I saw these boyfriend jeans and marked the page to keep as a possibility to order.  When I went back through my dog eared pages the next day to narrow down the items that I was going to order, I realized that I had already purchased a pair of boyfriend jeans a few days before at Nordstrom Rack for about half the price.  All of a sudden the pair that I had purchased, didn’t look as appealing anymore.  What was wrong with me?  Why did I want these other jeans so badly? I tried to dissect my desire and then realized that I loved the small detail of the navy and white twill ribbon that covered up the seam on the outside cuff.  That’s it.  That’s why I loved them.  Was it worth $78 to get that small detail when I had jeans that fit me perfectly for half that price? Nope, especially because I knew that I could DIY my way to the same look.

I stopped at my local fabric store and quickly found a similar blue and white striped ribbon sold by the yard. The ribbon was $.99/yard and purchased a yard. For this project, I only needed 10″ of ribbon, total. I took the ribbon, jeans and catalog picture with me to my local dry cleaner that also does small alterations and asked her to sew the ribbon to the first 5″ of my cuff so that when I turned the cuff over twice the ribbon would show.

I could have sewn in the ribbon myself but I wanted the it to really be secure and hold up the daily abuse of being worn and laundered.  She charged me just a few dollars for the job and for me it was well worth the money to have the project completed quickly and ribbon securely attached. I love the result and the unexpected detail that the ribbon offers.

Basic Jeans Update