A Few Thanksgiving Shortcuts

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and furious and everyone is buzzing around planning their meals and decor. Here are a few of my favorite things to help you streamline your day so you can spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen or in the dining room getting ready.


There are so many great free printables around the internet but my favorite are from Caravan Shoppe. They have festive invites and place cards that you can download and print off for FREE. It’s a great way to add organization and a festive feel to your meal. I also love that they have coordinating thank you notes to send out after the holiday.


I always make ahead the cranberry sauce and gravy the day before. It’s a huge time saver and I don’t have to worry about making the gravy while everyone is waiting and the food is getting cold. I use the Barefoot Contessa’s gravy and make a fresh cranberry sauce that couldn’t be easier to make. If you can boil water, you can make cranberry sauce. Both will keep well if you make a day or two ahead of the big day.


I love using Chinese takeout containers from Smart and Final or Amazon to send your guests home with leftovers without having to part with your beloved tupperware or glass storage containers. If you want to add a little something extra special, you can print off these cute labels from Oh Happy Day, to label your leftovers for an extra special feel. Use full sheeted adhesive labels from your local office supply store to print off the free printable on. I also pick up craft colored or white handled bags, like these, from my local dollar store to use to pack up the takeout containers. It’s nice to be able to hand your tired guests a bag that they can put in the fridge when they get home for the next day, or a midnight snack.

Fun Extras

This mocktail looks delicious and would be a fun drink that you can serve your entire family to get your everyone in a festive mood. This page is full of fun and easy crafts you can set up for the little ones in your life to keep them entertained while the food is cooking and the adults are visiting. Most of the supplies for these crafts can be found at your local supermarket and/or dollar store.

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My Favorite Thanksgiving Shortcuts