Getting Guest Room Ready

As the summer comes to a close, there might be a couple more house guests coming your way. Here are a few tips to get your guest room (or office in my case) guest ready:

1. Layer bedding so they stay warm.  I use an inflatable bed that sits as high as regular bed and uses twin bedding for me to make a nice bed.  I like to open the house up at night so I provide an extra blanket or two incase it gets too cool for my guest.

2. Drape a throw on the end of the bed.  Sometimes, your guest might want to read in bed in the afternoon and a throw is nice for them to curl up with, without having to unmake their bed.

3. Provide light for night readers. A simple, small table lamp works perfectly for this. Make sure you show your guest how to turn on the light when showing them their space.

4. Have a desk nearby for quick work sessions.  I keep my desk clean and organized for guests to be able to use to send a quick email.